How long does it take for the whole moving process?

The moving process requires about 1 - 6 months depending on the import/export countries concerned and the health status of your pet.

What documents are required to move my pet?

Usually updated inoculations and health certificate to prove your pet is healthy and safe to travel are required. Some countries also require vaccinations.

What if I have flown but my pet is left behind due to reasons like health problems?

We can accomodate and take care of your pet until it is able to be exported. We will also keep close contact with you on the progress of the movement.

Will my pet travel on the same flight as me?

Some countries such as the USA and Canada allow pets to fly with you as excess luggage or cargo. Other countries such as Australia, UK, New Zealand and Singapore require the pets to travel as cargo.


Is the shipment safe?

It is not only safe but also comfortable. Your pet will be placed in an air-conditioned, specially pressurised cargo area in a proper cage with enough space to move. They will also have access to water during the trip. However, we do not recommend providing food during the trip.

Are sedatives necessary?

Generally, we do not recommend sedatives as they are not really necessary and there may be side effects to your pet such as amplifying sounds.

What if my pet is a huge animal?

The size of your pet is not a problem. Suitable arrangements can be made to accomodate your pet.