You are planning for a trip or migration but feeling hard to leave behind your lovely pet? You don't have to panic now because we could provide efficient and effective services to move your pets easily with you. We would

  • offer the tailor-made movement plan for your pet according to your intentions
  • offer door-to-port pick-up and departing services
  • provide individual shipment for your pet
  • provide consultation and make proper arrangement to meet the export and import of destination requirements
  • handle all related actions including vaccination, veterinary consultation, quarantine & transportation, etc.
  • liaise with any parties involved including the government departments, legal representatives and the import agent (who could be recommended by client)


You are about to bring along your lovely pet to this country? Then our experienced and expertised services to import your pet would make things easy to you. Please contact us and we could

  • apply the import license for your pet
  • provide consultation or assistance on preparing all documentations specialized for your pet
  • provide pick-up service in ports or airport terminals with custom clearance
  • provide delivery of your pet to home, quarantine or boarding kennel